A Solution that Prepares Pharmacy for an EHR—Today

With the nation adopting an Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) and the need to control spiraling healthcare costs, the Rx.com Electronic Pharmacy Record (EPR) is a technology solution for "the rest" of the Pharmacy industry. Itself a subset of the EHR, the Rx.com EPR satisfies the HIT mandates included in ARRA 2009 to help pharmacies offer better, more integrated patient care.  The Rx.com EPR functions as a nationwide database of prescription and patient demographic data, consolidated for each individual patient. This interoperable database already contains over 92 million patient records and almost two billion prescription records from over 6,400 pharmacies across the US. Data in the EPR is cleansed, merged, and is fully portable. Healthcare providers authorized to access the EHR can provide a greater continuity of care and higher level of service to their patients.

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