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Will this voucher only work for above medication?

No! The Instant Savings card voucher can be applied to any prescription medication. As savings may vary depending on the medication and certain variables, please search for your desired medication for the specific coupon.

If I have insurance, will this card provide me any extra benefit?

Yes! When using our card instead of your insurance, you may be able to qualify for greater savings. While the use of the card will not lower your copay, the price of the discount card may be lower than your insurance copay. You can also benefit from saving on drugs that aren't covered by your insurance.

Does this card cost me anything?

No! Your Pharmacy Savings Card will not cost you anything on its own. No fees or obligations.

Are there any qualifications required to participate?
No! Everyone can qualify for the card, regardless of health restrictions.

Does the pharmacy savings card work for all members of my family?

Yes! As a cardholder, everyone in your family will be able to use the card to get discounts for medications.

If I change pharmacy, is the card still valid?

When you switch to a new pharmacy, they will have to add your information into their system. You're then good to go! In the case of a lost card, simply print out a new one and hand it to your pharmacist!

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Pharmacy discounts are Not Insurance, and are Not Intended as a Substitute for InsuranceTHE DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE AT PARTICIPATING PHARMACIES

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