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Express Scripts, Walgreens Team Up To Offer 90-Day Retail Solution

via Reprinted from DRUG BENEFIT NEWS, biweekly news, proven cost management strategies and unique data for health plans, PBMs, pharma companies and employers. In an unexpected display of camaraderie, Express Scripts Holding Co. and Walgreen Co. have come up with a new offering presumably aimed at competing with...

Use of PBMs Lowers Healthcare Costs

Express Scripts Inc., one of the largest managers of prescription drug benefits in the U.S., introduced a program designed to cut medical costs by identifying the chronically ill patients most likely to neglect medicines within a year. Read more on...

Debate Over Mail-Order Prescription Drugs Heats Up

A proposal by the US Postal Service to cut Saturday mail delivery has sharpened the divide between community pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers.  

E-Prescribing Becomes Easier

The ban on electronic prescribing of controlled substances has made many clinicians reluctant to adopt e-prescribing at all. Controlled substances constitute about 10% of all prescriptions written in this country, and incorporating separate paper and e-prescribing systems and separate methods of record-keeping can be very inefficient. Read more on "New rules should ease...

Employer healthcare costs expected to rise 9% in 2011

Rising healthcare costs not good news for Employers. Read more on "Employer healthcare costs expected to rise 9% in 2011" 

The pros and cons of mail-order pharmacy

"People tend to have very strong views about mail-order pharmacy," said Julie Schmittdiel, PhD, a research scientist with Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC) in Oakland, Calif. "Much of it is based on economics, not research.

Your Health: Pharmacists adjust to changing roles

Article about the role of the pharmacist and the personal care vs mail-order fulfillment debate. Read more on "Your Health: Pharmacists adjust to changing roles"

Coalition urges tougher PBM rules as Congress weighs final reform bill

A broad coalition of consumer and labor interest groups is putting new pressure on Congress to force new transparency requirements on the pharmacy benefit management industry. Read more on "Coalition urges tougher PBM rules as Congress weighs final reform bill"

Patient Survey Finds Widespread Problems With Mail Order Pharmacies

Many patients go without their prescribed medicine due to the slow or ineffective service of mail order pharmacies, according to a survey of just over 400 patients conducted by the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA). The findings both raise troubling questions about the impact mail-order programs have on patients and contradict two purported benefits of mail order: increased convenience and lower costs. The survey found 48% of respondents who were...

Some Health Plans Work to Promote Mail Order, But Others Simply Make Mail-Order Use Mandatory

Some health plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are working to develop new ways to promote mail-order fulfillment, responding to slowing growth in mail-order penetration, one PBM consultant says. (Article link no longer available.)

NCPA Commentary - Mandatory mail-order jeopardizes pharmacy patients

Like other forms of medicine, pharmacy has the privilege of being among the most ancient professions. It’s been a regulated health service since at least 1235 in Europe. Almost everything in medicine has changed since scribes in the Middle Ages recorded the work of those first pharmacists. Most changes have been good. We are grateful that the practice of using leeches has ended. Yet, there are also practices many of us miss, like physician house calls.

Groups wary of CVS contract with state

Retired teachers in Texas are concerned about the CVS contract with the Texas Retirement System. Read the story here: "Teacher groups wary of CVS contract with state..." Read more on "Groups wary of CVS contract with state"


Electronic Health Records 2.0: What Does the Future Hold?

This Expert voices panel focuses on Electronic Health Records 2.0, which aired on Federal News Radio (WFED) on February 28, 2012. Panelists include: Peter Basch, MD, FACP, Medical Director, Ambulatory EHR...

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