Rx.com Pharmacy Benefit Coalition
Rx.com Pharmacy Benefit Coalition

The Future of Pharmacy-Centric Prescription Benefit Management

Tired of large PBMs and competitor-owned PBMs calling all the shots? The Rx.com® Pharmacy Benefit Coalition (PBC) is a fully transparent PBM system that asserts Community Pharmacy’s vital role in healthcare. Fully transparent, the Rx.com PBC offers the latest in health information technologies—including store-based mail order and central fulfillment modules—along with a comprehensive suite of prescription and healthcare benefit management features.

The Rx.com PBC is available to all pharmacies regardless of which pharmacy system they use. It provides these pharmacies with straight-forward, easy-to-understand, and value-oriented plan designs that demonstrate the true value of pharmacy care while delivering targeted, cost-effective management of their drug plan benefits.

We level the playing field on behalf of retail pharmacies across the U.S. and help them leverage their businesses in the highly competitive healthcare delivery sector.

  • Cost-effective PBM
  • Low administrative fee
  • Full transparency of rebates
  • Pass-through pricing and profit share for pharmacy operators who enroll employee lives


PBC Contact

Jerry Ray, R.Ph.
Vice President, Rx.com Strategic Planning
Phone: 817-935-7483
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Cheryl Jorgenson
Chief Clinical Officer
Phone: 817-367-4265
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Jennifer Fields
Member Services Representative
Phone: 817-367-4291
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